RELEASE: 14.06.2024 OUT NOW!

ISRC: FR-X76-24-24970
UPC: 3617388227768
GEMA: 36510008



A desperate cry for help from a destructive relationship with an addict, an attempt to salvage the relationship and find clarity while navigating uncertainty and lies. Engaged in a hopeless battle to help the other person while being shattered in the process. ‘MONOTONE’ unveils the raw side of DEADEND – a brute and furious attitude that permeates the sound. Simultaneously, the song captivates with emotional clean vocals and an aggressive breakdown, accompanied by Qoiet’s screams.


We are absolutely thrilled to present to you „MONOTONE„. This song provides a glimpse into the hardcore-influenced side of our debut album „THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT„. It delves into the conflict of a relationship with an addicted partner, where one must confront their own life circumstances while also desiring to maintain a strong bond with their partner and overcome their suffering together. Watching the relationship spiral relentlessly towards the abyss ultimately leads to one’s own destruction.


The theme depicts the darker aspects of a relationship. One feels inadequate in meeting the expectations of helping their partner. Once faced with the sight of drug use by one’s partner, it seems there’s no way out of the downward spiral. External help is rejected, in the hope of handling everything independently and preventing the relationship from falling apart.


“Take me back to reality, It’s driving me insane, I want sanity”


The image of witnessing one’s partner’s downfall, yet being unable to assist, is haunting. All you want is for it to stop, because not doing so will ultimately lead to your own downfall.


“It’s busting disgusting, But still tastes for me”


The awareness of making a mistake by not ending the relationship, despite knowing that one cannot provide assistance.

We want the feelings described here to be recognizable not only in the lyrics but also in the music itself, which captures the issue of consumption in hard breakdowns and scream parts, but also reflects the process of reflection in the clean sections.


With our third single, we set out to highlight our aggressive and more hardcore-influenced side. ‚MONOTONE‚ accomplishes this by integrating wild synthesizers in the verses and delivering aggressive, contemporary rough vocals from Nico and our featured guest, Qoiet. Dominik, our guitarist, played a pivotal role in crafting the framework of synthesizers and heavy guitar riffs. Once the initial demos were complete, the entire band convened to establish the theme and finalize the lyrics in collaboration with Qoiet. Dave, our producer, alongside Aljoscha from the Pitchback Studios, managed the recording and mixing of the song. Together, they added the finishing touches to the song with the completed master.