26.04.2024: OUT NOW!

ISRC: FR-X28-24-37948
UPC: 3617386579647


“BUY THE LIE” – The burdens of fitting in
It’s a tremendous challenge of constantly bending yourself for society and your environment for no reason. Being constantly adapted and conforming to a norm that doesn’t align with our own truth evokes an increasing inner anger. By buying your own lies, you try to hold on to your construct until one moment everything collapses. „BUY THE LIE“ is another taste of what DEADEND’s sound has to offer, creating the perfect singalong track with a catchy chorus and intense lyrics.


With great excitement, we present to you „BUY THE LIE“ – a song that serves as the second centerpiece of our debut album „The Butterfly Effect“. Daily carrying the burden of maintaining a facade, only to ultimately realize that you’re deceiving yourself.


The central theme revolves around the daily dedication to repetitive routines necessary for survival in everyday life. One is compelled to conform to society to avoid exposing true feelings or identity and making oneself vulnerable. Every day, one carries the weight of the artificial facade meant to comply with societal norms, longing to put an end to this deceitful construct.

„Before I live a lie, I would rather die“

expresses the feeling that the breaking point has been reached, where one desires to break free from the cycle of adaptation. One would rather die than spend another day in this performance.

„The world goes down in flames, and I will watch you burn“

describes the observation of humanity and the realization that the constant desire to outdo others ultimately leads to collapse. It’s the clear understanding that this fragile construct of society will crumble sooner or later.

We aim to convey the emotions described in this song not only through the lyrics but also through the music itself. Reflecting on our society and our role in it in the serene vocal parts, leading to the realization that this system is spiraling downward more and more, becomes evident in the brutal and heavy breakdown.


With our second single, we aimed to showcase our calmer and more memorable side. „BUY THE LIE“ does this best by incorporating modern synthesizers in the verses and tranquil, contemporary clean vocals, especially in the chorus. Dominik, our guitarist, collaborated with Mike, our drummer, on the framework of synthesizers and catchy guitar riffs. After the initial demos were completed, the entire band gathered to establish the theme and ultimately give shape to the raw lyrics. Dave, our producer, along with Nico, wrote the final chorus and, along with Aljoscha from the Pitchback Studios, handled the recording and mixing of the song. Together, they gave the song its final touches with the finished master.