22.03.2024: OUT NOW!


MIND PERCEPTION – The endless cry for salvation.

Doomed to deal with the same dark thoughts over and over again, as if you were trapped in your own body and trying to tear yourself apart from the inside. A never-ending struggle to free yourself from a tangled maze of fears, aggression and worries. Despite all efforts, it is doomed to fail.


We are more than pleased to present MIND PERCEPTION. The song is a first taste of what to expect from the debut album THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. An emotional rollercoaster ride between fear and despair inside the inner psyche, which ends abruptly after many highs and lows.

The basic theme describes the inner struggle with oneself and one’s thoughts. Struggling for redemption, you try with all your energy to free yourself from the enslavements of the darkest parts of your own psyche. Isolated and on your own, you finally want to put an end to your inner demon.

„I’m trapped under my skin, Is stuck the evil in between“

The endless cycle of bad thoughts. At a certain point, you realize that you can’t escape and that there is evil living inside of you.
„I feel dead, I’m just losing, I can feel it in my head“

Accepting that you have lost the battle against yourself and can no longer find a solution. A very last feeling before everything collapses, the desire to finally let go.

We want the feelings that are described here to be recognised not only in the lyrics, but also in the music itself which captures the inner struggle in hard breakdowns and screamparts but also the process of rethinking in the calm clean sections.

It was important to us to create a good balance between calm clean parts and hard breakdowns. MIND PERCEPTION shows this contrast at its best and is a perfect debut to show what is still to come. Dominik (guitarist) wrote the basic structure of the song from the melodic synths to the heavy guitar parts. When the first demos with drums by Mike (drummer) were finished, the demo went straight to Nico (singer), who wrote the lyrics for this song. Dave (producer) gave it that certain something, such as the breakdown, and managed the entire recording of the song until it finally became what it is now. Aljoscha from Pitchback Studios put the finishing touches to the song with his mastering.